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Minimizing bird collisions with wind turbines

Can detection systems facilitate an environmentally sound wind energy development?

On May 15 and 16 Mai, 2019 the KNE hosted the conference „Minimizing bird collisions with wind turbines“ in Kassel. More than 200 participants of all stakeholder groups involved in environmentally sound wind energy development came together to exchange information on the current state of detection systems for smart curtailment on demand to minimize bird collisions with wind turbines.

Due to the great international interest in the topic, the results are now also available in English.

All results at a glance

The conference proceedings summarize the results and give an overview on the current level of knowledge. Besides contributions of speakers on current testing projects of camera and radar systems in Germany and on aspects of licencing law in the use of detection systems, the proceedings contain a summary of the panel.

Summary of the conference

Latest findings on detection systems

On the first day of the conference, contributions on current testing projects of camera and radar systems comprehensively showed the different processes, developments of technology and latest findings in system testing. Aspects of licensing law in the use of detection systems were presented on the second day of conference. A panel including political and economic representatives as well as representatives from authorities and nature protection reflected on the need for more advanced technical solutions for avoidance and identification of reasonable areas of application.

Nature protection and energy transition are possible

The conference has shown that the system developers are well on the way to bird detection. Now it is important to test the technologies on different sites and to sound out not only the application possibilities and potentials but also the limitations of system implementation. The KNE will participate in international exchange on testing of detection systems and is available for inquiries of all stakeholders. Questions of consequences of multiple shutdowns per day on material wear and maintenance requirements of a wind turbine and questions of resulting costs are currently being addressed in a research project. Initial findings will be presented on a specialist event on 14-15 October, 2020 in Kassel.

Current publication of the KNE (in German)

The synopsis „Detection systems for smart curtailment on demand of wind turbines to protect diurnal breeding birds“ gives an overview of the detection systems on the marker or under development

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