The Compe­tence Centre for Nature
Conser­va­tion and Energy Transition

offers a neutral, established and skilled contact for all parties invol­ved in energy transition.
We promote eco-friendly energy transition.


Specia­list information

We make our extensive
knowledge available
to all invol­ved parties.
Our specia­list infor­ma­tion team answers surveys and brings together current knowledge from science, juris­dic­tion, profes­sio­nal practice and politics.

Conflict consul­ting

We offer training for mediators
in conflicts around nature protection
and energy transition.

Our conflict consul­ting team provi­des infor­ma­tion and advice regar­ding conflict resolu­tion to invol­ved parties on location and encou­ra­ges the fair settle­ment of conflicts by provi­ding solution-orien­ted process guidance and mediation.

Expert dialo­gues

We initiate and moderate specialist
dialo­gues between parties
invol­ved in energy transition. 
Our expert dialo­gue team support eco-friendly energy transi­tion with a trust­worthy working process that jointly develops proces­ses, methods and standards.
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